Sunday, March 31, 2013

8 Months!

 I'm behind, I'm exhausted, I feel bad, but I'm going to skimp on this month.  I took the pictures when she was 8 months at least.

-doing army crawl, particularly towards Winston's toys!
-LOVES, LOVES her solids and happy to say we're still breastfeeding.  Pumping is definitely getting old, but I'm still going!
-at 8 months she was comfortably fitting into 9 month clothing!
-we started letting her cry it out at bed time.  She's down to crying about 5-10 minutes before finally falling asleep.  It's progress.  Not quite consistently sleeping through the night, but more often than not now :)
-loves watching Winston run circles in the basement!

Thursday, March 21, 2013

First ED visit!

This past weekend we had our first ED visit. Baby girl rolled over funny and dislocated her elbow. She had something called a nurse maid's elbow. It usually happens in older kids, but can happen in infants. After she rolled over funny Joe heard a "pop." We kept trying to convince ourselves she was using her arm, but she wasn't. :(  We took her to the hospital where I work.  The doc offered to let me try to pop it back in place.  I've done it on other kids, but I didn't want to on my own.  After a quick rotation of her elbow, she was using her arm again!

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