Thursday, March 19, 2015

2 Months Old!

We made it to two months without a fever!  The pediatrician in me is quite happy with that!  Not that I want him to have a fever, but now if he has a fever he won't automatically need blood work.

Little man is gaining weight like a champ!  At two months he was 11 pounds and 23 inches.  This puts his weight at about the 20-25%.  This is huge for me.  When Bri was 2 months old her weight was about 3%.  It is such an empowering feeling knowing my breast milk has helped him grow and continue gaining weight.  He's eating about 7-9 times a day.  I'm still dairy free.  I tried a milk shake one day, and man, he was a monster the next day!  It seems he can tolerate me eating baked dairy, so I do have an occasional cookie or piece of cake.  I'm surprised by how little I miss dairy.  It's been better that I can't eat ice cream, because I'm not very good with moderation when I start a pint of Chubby Hubby.  I learned I really enjoy almond milk and I've been able to bake with almond milk.

In terms of sleep, he wakes about once a night.  I hope it stays that way, but we'll see now that I'm back to work.

He has way outgrown his newborn clothes and is starting to be too long for the 3 month clothes!  He's officially wearing size 1 diapers.

Right now, his eyes are still blue!  And it's such a handsome blue.  Statistically since Bri has blue eyes, he shouldn't (we have a 1/8 chance of having TWO blue eyed children), but only time will tell.

In terms of things he likes, he LOVES the bath, and of course he loves to eat.  Unfortunately he hates tummy time :(

Bri has realized he's not going anywhere, but she's doing great with him!  The biggest thing I worry about right now is she uses his stomach as a drum...  Fortunately she's stopped trying to pick him up.  She herself wants to be carried more though, which I wouldn't mind if she wasn't almost 40 pounds!
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