Tuesday, March 31, 2009

March Trip to Baltimore!

I was lucky enough to travel to Baltimore this past weekend for Kristy's shower. I tried to keep it under the wraps so she wouldn't suspect her shower, let's hope that worked. Like most of my trips back home, it was a whirlwind of a weekend. I arrived in Baltimore at midnight on Friday and then was back at the airport at 3 on Sunday. Kristy's shower was at Red Brick Station, where we proceeded to spend the rest of the evening catching up. Yes, I spent 11 hours at Red Brick. I didn't get a chance to fulfill my Chik-fil-a craving, but I did get some Rita's. Woo hoo! The weather was so much warmer in Baltimore and makes me hate our cold day of flurries even more. Ah, such is life. Here are some pictures from the weekend. It was fun using my new camera to actually shoot people instead of flowers. I still need to play around with getting the flash just right and all...

I purchased Kristy and Lucas a custom sign from A Simple Expression on Etsy.com. I love Etsy!


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