Thursday, February 5, 2015

We had another baby!

Well, my goal is going to be at least monthly updates now that WE HAD ANOTHER BABY!  First, I'll say I was spoiled by our first baby coming 2.5 weeks early.  I ended up having C3P0 at 39 weeks 6 days, but damn, it was a long pregnancy!  I started effacing at 34 weeks and I walked around 3.5-4 cm dilated for over two weeks.  From about 36 weeks on I had intermittent contractions, which I never had with R2D2.  They were such a tease, and honestly, not the most comfortable experience.  So, when I had my first "real" contraction, it still felt like some of the contractions I had been having off and on.  The difference, these contractions stayed about every five minutes, and quickly became even more frequent.

I decided I wanted to continue to work until I delivered.  Since I went early with R2D2, after 38 weeks we stopped scheduling patients and I was opening my schedule on a daily basis for sick patients. When I went to work that Monday morning I had no clue I'd be leaving work to have a baby!  I saw my morning patients, I didn't feel any different than my new normal back pain and pelvic pressure.  While I was eating lunch around 12:45 I felt a contraction.  The contraction was strong, but it didn't quite take my breath away and no stronger than some I had the previous weeks.  After I had a second contraction about 7-8 minutes later I decided I should pay more attention to them.  By that time my first afternoon patient was waiting for me.  Well, by the end of that visit, I knew this was the real deal, but I had no clue how fast things would progress!  I called Joe, told him where our hospital bag was, asked him to pick me up, and then proceeded to see my next patient.  Yes, I saw my next patient.  I mean, I had to wait for Joe to pick me up anyway, so what if my contractions were 5 minutes apart by that time?  I warned the family so they understood my pauses during our visit.  Things snowballed after that, I think by the time I left work, the contractions were about 3.5 minutes apart.  I felt EVERY SINGLE BUMP on the way to the hospital, which was 25 minutes away.  By the time I arrived at the hospital, my contractions were about 90 seconds apart and the pain was INTENSE.  They quickly got me back to triage and unfortunately I couldn't even lay still long enough to stay on the monitors.  My pain was best managed standing up and bending over slightly.  There were several times where the pain was so intense I truly thought I was going to pass out (how I deal with pain).  I remember saying to Joe so many times, "this is so much worse than with Bri."  Well, while trying to manage the pain, wham, my water broke.  I looked down and saw it was brown.  Being a pediatrician I knew this was meconium and truly said, "Oh sh!t, meconium!"

After much troubleshooting to get me into a comfortable position (laying on my back made the contractions more intense) the doc was finally able to exam me and ends up I was fully dilated and ready to push.  No wonder I was having so much pain!  Once I heard that I looked at the resident doc and almost begged her to let me deliver.  Fortunately the nurse talked me off the edge and put reason in my head to deliver down in L&D, especially since he was meconium.  Once I knew I was ready, I just wanted the pain to be over.  They immediately whisked me down to L&D, my OB had already started prepping, they transferred me the delivery table, and I was ready to roll.  My OB quickly finished putting her gown on, I looked at her, said I was ready, and started pushing.  Joe and I can't quite remember if it was 2 or 3 pushes, but he was here!  Since he had pooped before delivery, the NICU nurse practitioner was there. They took him immediately over the the baby bed.  He started crying, so they did some mild suctioning, dried him off, and put him back on my chest to transition.

Well, unfortunately my labor story doesn't end there.  At about 10 minutes of life I realized C3P0 was still quite blue for being 10 minutes old and he was making a sing-song noise called grunting that often means the baby is having trouble breathing.  Oh, and we were still waiting for my placenta to detach.  Since I knew panic doesn't make things go any faster, I calmly looked at my nurse and asked her to grab a pulse ox for the baby.  My doctor gut was right, his oxygen level was hovering in the high 60's to low 70's.  Fortunately, the NICU came back and did their thing.  They gave him some oxygen, did more deep suctioning, ultimately he needed a couple of breaths via face mask, and had him pink before taking him to the NICU.  In the mean time, we're at over 20 minutes since delivery and my placenta wasn't budging.  So as I sat there waiting for the labor process to continue I just had to trust the NICU.  I mean, I do, that's why I delivered at a hospital with a NICU, but it was still hard. It's hard knowing how serious things COULD be and I couldn't do anything.  I couldn't go over to the bed and see my child.  I couldn't let my doctor instinct kick in and start taking medical care of him.  I couldn't do anything other than wince when my OB massaged my placenta and hope I didn't need to go to the OR.  Ultimately I received some pain medicine through my muscle (still no IV) and my OB manually retrieved my placenta.  Finally, labor was over.

So, just to put things into perspective into how quick it was, my first contraction was at the earliest 12:45pm, I delivered at 3:36pm.  I always said, I think I'd try labor without an epidural and if I couldn't handle it, I'd get one, well, this time around, I didn't have time to even consider any pain medication!
Ultimately, C3P0 went to the NICU and received 2 days of antibiotics.  He was stable breathing on his own by the time he arrived to the NICU.  He's now 3 weeks old and we're all doing well.  Soon enough I'll be doing his one month update!


Amy said...

Congratulations! He's adorable.

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