Thursday, May 21, 2009

Table for One...

Joe stayed in Baltimore after we went home for Kristy and Lucas's wedding. (Such and blast and hopefully I'll blog about that this weekend.) Now back to the post... Joe's a picky eater and is always hesitant to try new things and restaurants. Since I'm on my own for a couple of days I opted to try two restaurants on my own.

I was really craving some Polish perogies, but google didn't find a Polish restaurant in Omaha. Instead I opted to try the Czech restaurant around the corner from us. It didn't quite hit the spot, but it was good. I ordered the Polish sausage, sweet and sauer cabbage, and a dumpling. To me the dumpling didn't have much flavor, but I don't think it's supposed to. I really enjoyed my other two items. If I decide to go back I think I'll get the potatoes instead of the dumpling. That being said, I don't think I'd regret leaving Omaha never having gone to the Bohemian Cafe again.

A couple of weeks ago someone brought cake from FarmHousE into clinic and it tasted oh so delicious! I had never been to the restaurant and it looked like a place I'd enjoy so I gave it a shot tonight. I ordered the chicken and noodle casserole special with a side of onion rings and it came with a blueberry muffin. I can't rate the muffin yet since I'm saving it for breakfast. The casserole was a was way to rich for me. I think I'd really enjoy some of their other items though. The onion ring batter isn't the best I've ever had, but I loved how think the onion slices were. Most of the time I feel like onion rings are almost all batter. And the main attraction, drum roll please, WEDDING CAKE! It's basically their name for strawberry shortcake. It was so moist and just the right sweetness. Now I want another slice. I know Joe would like this cake. I might just have to take one to a gathering sometime.


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