Friday, July 2, 2010

Missing my hubby...

Mom was going through some old emails and found this one, dated 5/13/2008.

Yesterday was our last marriage prep session. We filled out a survey of things we've learned, etc. This was on Joe's: "I will love this hottie for the rest of my life as long as she allows me to watch StarWars and football on Sundays."

I'm so happy I get to see him tonight! It's been weird knowing that he's been in the apartment, doing his thing and all, but we haven't crossed paths since Sunday night. He's on night shift next week too, so at least I'll get to say hi to him

When my shift's over today, I'll have put in about 68 hours this week. Oh the life of a first year resident. Honestly, though, other than not seeing Joe, it's manageble. I mean, of course I haven't had any time for my hobbies, but at least I'm doing something I love.


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