Saturday, July 30, 2011

I hate the term abortion

Really, I truly hate the term abortion for a miscarriage. I received an email that my health information on my insurance has been updated, so I open the website to see what's been added. There is a long list of blood work and procedures with listed diagnosis as "missed abortion." Really medical community, "abortion?" In my mind, the word "abort" is an active verb. For example, "The military decided to abort the mission." There was someone who made an active decision to stop doing what they were doing. Guess what?!? I didn't make an active decision to lose my baby. Webster's defines the word miscarry as, "to come to harm." Yes, that's exactly what happened to my baby. Something harmful got in his or her way of continuing to grow. And in fact, my body never actively tried to get rid of the pregnancy. I had to go under general anesthesia to have that part taken care of.

I hate diagnosis codes. Yes, I think I've reached the angry stage of grief right now.


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