Sunday, June 3, 2012

Transplant - Bittersweet

I was on call last night and I had the wonderful opportunity of telling a family that an organ was available for their child and the child would be getting a transplant in a couple of hours. For this particular child, like most who are on the transplant list, it is going to be life-saving. The child has been on medicine to help control the illness, but the child could not go home with these medicines. Basically the family was spending all of their time in the hospital waiting for this transplant. I cannot explain the joy I saw on the family's face as I told them the good news.

At the same time, I can't help but also think about and grieve for the family who lost a loved one. The organ for this transplant came from a deceased person. I do not know the age or anything, but likely a child since the recipient was a child (although that is not always the case). While my family was celebrating, another family was grieving. Please think of these two families as they both go through emotions I can't even imagine.

And yes, as a plug, if you are not an organ donor, please think about it. While someone lost a life, another family is going to have years or decades with their child now.


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