Sunday, July 8, 2012

36 Weeks!

Yes, it seems my blog has turned into only pregnancy stuff. I apologize. Truth of the matter is, life changes, and thus my thoughts change as well. As we get closer and closer to our due date, I'm more ready to meet our little one. Being a pediatrician, having a micro-premie was always a concern of mine. Now that I know she has a good amount of weight and development on her, I'm more ready to meet her. We've been asked, "so are you ready?" Well, ready in what sense? Are we ready to be first time parents? Of course not. No one is ever fully ready for that. Is her nursery all set up? Not to my standards as I still have some DIY projects I want to finish, but she has a crib and we have diapers, so yes, we can be ready. Yesterday we installed her car seat and I've been slowly working on packing a hospital bag. I like to plan, but I also deal with things as they come. Honestly, I'm not really stressed about bringing her home. We'll make due no matter what.

I was hoping I dropped a little, but looking at this picture, I don't think so yet...


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