Thursday, August 5, 2010

My Catholic Dilemna

My brother is getting confirmed this year and he asked me to be his sponsor. In Catholicism, confirmation is one of the seven sacraments and your sponsor is supposed to give you spiritual guidance and has to be Catholic.

I still call myself Catholic, but I'm definitely not an active Catholic, and I'm still trying to own my faith. I'm really not sure if Catholicism is where I see myself a couple of years from now. When I went to a new Catholic church a couple of months ago, I loved how orderly and universal Catholic services are. However, I don't like how the Catholic church is condemning women for being ordained, and that's only the tip of the iceberg.

Truth be told, I'm dissatisfied with the Catholic church and I know I'm not in the right place in my faith right now to be my brother's sponsor. I told him my faith dilemma and he says he still wants me to be a sponsor. I know how important a sponsor is supposed to be in offering guidance in the Church and I feel like I'd be short-changing my brother and the idea of the sacrament of Confirmation.

My dear friend Megan always said "faith isn't easy," and it's not, especially when you don't know what you want from your faith/church.


Alee said...

I'm glad you're carefully considering this role. My aunt was my sponsor, and she isn't an active Catholic at all. I sort of regret not choosing someone who regularly practiced their faith...

Morrigan said...

I have the same issues as you with the Catholic church. And a lot of people in my family have these same issues and have been questioning thier faith because of it. We still have faith, and the basic principals, just we are not sure if they co-inside with all the beliefs of the catholic church.

I am having this issue too because of baptizing our baby. I want to baptize, but I have not found a church I like that and am having issues with the way the current catholic church is run. I used to go to church weekly, went to catholic school, was part of the youth program, went to weekend trips for the church. But now, I don't know. I havn't been to church in over a year.

Chic Fit Geek said...

Have you thought that perhaps being his sponsor is a way to get your faith stronger again? I know my sponsor was very active, but she was going through a rough faith patch. She said she learned so much about her own faith that it not only helped me become a Catholic, but also helped her.
Might be something to consider.

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