Sunday, March 11, 2012

19 Weeks!

If you couldn't tell from my last post, I was just a wee bit nervous about our anatomy scan. Thankfully, R2D2 has everything a baby needs and in the right spots! And, if you haven't picked up from my bump picture, we're having a baby GIRL!

It's funny how Joe and I have switched roles in terms of nerves. I've been quite anxious about our anatomy scan. In my profession, it was quite hard for me not to think about all of the things that could be wrong, and yes I still fear the things that could still go wrong. Joe on the other, now he's the anxious one. He admits it was this ultrasound that confirmed how real this is and how he's soon going to be a father.

Before we discovered the sex, I already had a feeling R2D2 was a girl, just because I'm going to need another ultrasound. During my 1st trimester scan, they noted placenta previa. I don't have as much of my placenta covering the cervix now, but it's still low lying. So in another 4 weeks, I'll get to see our baby girl again!

So far, R2D2 is already starting to take after her mother--she doesn't like to stay still! She proved quite a challenge for the ultrasound tech. As soon as the tech thought she found what she needed, R2D2 would roll over.

I was very fortunate not to have morning sickness, but I'm not appreciating my increased frequency of headaches. Tylenol never worked before I was pregnant, and it's still not working now. I'm getting headaches about once every other week and they're lasting for 2-3 days at at time. I'm also not liking my blood pressure at my office visits. Before being pregnant, my systolics were in the 100's to 110's. The past two appointments, they've been in the 130's. The past two appointments I've rushed to from work, so I'm sure that's not helping. I took my pressure at one of those stands in a pharmacy and it was normal. I really don't want to develop pre-eclampsia, this baby needs to bake as long as possible.

This weekend we stopped at a toy store, just to browse. I wished I videotaped Joe's expression as he walked through the girl's toys aisle. He was just a quite bit overwhelmed.


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