Tuesday, March 6, 2012

Do You Have A Preference?

I'm 18 weeks now, so the exciting anatomy scan is coming up in the very near future. We've decided to find out the sex, and of course there are some individuals who ask, "so do you have a preference?" As a pediatrician, of course I have a preference, I want the following:

1. Four chambers in the heart with the proper vessels hooked up to the proper chambers
2. Two functioning kidneys.
3. Stomach contents in the abdomen instead of floating outside.
4. A formed brain with the spinal cord completely in the body.
5. Two formed lungs without a hole in the diaphragm
6. One sex or the other, without ambiguity.

So, do you think I'm asking too much? The problem with taking care of sick kids is I know what kind of things can go wrong. So, do I have a genitalia preference. Nope I just want a healthy baby.


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