Monday, March 26, 2012


I'm on my last official vacation without a little one (pending my pregnancy continues to go well). I'm going to try to take advantage of sleeping without interruptions, and just relax.

I'm also looking forward to working on R2D2's nursery. I decided I want to try to make my own quilt and crib skirt. They said it's really not all that hard. We'll see.

We're doing purple and green for the colors (pink is over rated).

Here's my inspiration for the quilt, from Happy Quilting

And the tutorial I'm going to use for the crib skirt, from Sew 4 Home

As cute as the bumpers are, I'm going to follow my recommendations as a pediatrician and not have one.

Mom and Joe think I'm getting in a little over my head, but I have faith. I've made a couple Halloween costumes, I can do this, right? I'm going to have fun with it at least.


Angie said...

Good luck making the quilt and crib skirt! I agree that pink is over rated. :)

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