Friday, May 18, 2012

Bad Idea

Up until the past two weeks, I was pretty good about trying to workout about 2-3 times a week. However, even then sometimes it was just taking Winston on a walk. I really fell off the wagon the past two weeks. Today when I walked three flights in the garage and was out of breath, I knew I had to get back into a groove. Today I decided to not take Winston because I wanted to do a strong and fast walk. Yeah, bad idea. I can't go back and keep up with working out, but I now realize I can't expect myself to try to even power walk. I don't know if they were contractions I was feeling, but I definitely felt a strong twinge in my right lower side. I only walked for about 20 minutes and slowed down when I started feeling odd, but here on out, I'm not going to be super woman. I want to try to more active, but at a slow pace. Now I sit here with my feet up and drinking lots of water and the twinge is improving. I'm definitely going to try to take it easy tonight and only stick with some yoga for tomorrow morning.


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