Tuesday, January 28, 2014

Plated January 21st Delivery

This was my second week of plated.  If you're interested in giving it a try, I definitely recommend it.  At first I thought it was a little wasteful sending such small portions of ingredients in containers, but then I went grocery shopping this weekend and realized how much I bought just to use a super small portion of the ingredient that I think it all evens out.  I'm also loving that I'm learning new cooking techniques.  Oh, and whenever they send garlic, it's already peeled, score!

First up, wild mushroom pappardelle.  I LOVE mushrooms!!!  I ended up adding more butter than the recipe called for because I thought the sauce was a little dry.  The recipe said it would make two servings, but I was able to get three out of it.  I thought it tasted better the next day.  I'm still getting used to working with fresh herbs.

And my second plate of the week, balsamic skirt steak with polenta.  This was my first time eating polenta, it's ok.  It's not something I'll make on my own, but something I'll eat.  The skirt steak, oh my goodness, delicious!  I'm also liking that I'm learning how to cook steak during the winter in the house that's not on the grill.  I feel like I always overcook my steak unless I'm grilling it, but not anymore!

With me being sick right now, I'm going to have to hold off cooking this week's delivery for another day or two.  I ordered mussels (again my first time cooking mussels), but I don't think that will sit well with the GI bug.


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