Saturday, January 8, 2011

Baking Withdrawal

I'm wrapping up a week of vacation and I didn't try a single new recipe, I'm going through withdrawal a little! You might remember we recently bought a house. Well, being an intern and setting up home is not the easiest thing to do. I spent most of my vacation working around the house and unpacking some boxes. There are still tons of boxes to unpack, but we need our master bedroom furniture to come in so we can get things a little more organized first. And we're still waiting on our living room furniture =( Thank goodness we using our old bedroom set for our spare room, or we'd be sleeping on the floor.

Before I can dive back into tackling more recipes, we need our kitchen! After living here for almost a month, I was happy to find my spices this week. I've been contemplating on baking tonight, but I just don't have any counter space to do prep work yet. The kitchen has definitely become the dumping ground for the tools and boxes. On a better note, I've solved my "kitchen dilemna." Since we didn't win the recent Mega Millions, a new kitchen just isn't in the budget for us right now. So, we've decided to go with an island.

It has a leaf we can use as a breakfast bar too. I'll be so excited when I get my kitchen floor back and we can set this up. However, I'm definitely not looking forward to the time and frustration it's going to take to assemble it.

I'm so happy with our other house projects. We've finished our basement and Dad added an office for me down there. I've bought 3 bookcases to fill and a winged back chair to make it have a semi-library feel too. Oh, and if you're thinking about crown molding, do it! Dad added it to our living and dining rooms, what a special touch! I'd love to show more pictures, but hubby requests I don't share everything with the virtual world. I can respect that. Oh, and can I just say how blessed we are that my Dad's a contractor?


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