Sunday, January 2, 2011

New Year, New Resolutions

Happy New Year Everyone! 2010 has been very busy for us, but we're managing.

A lot of my resolutions this year, will probably be just modifications from last year. Let's look back first....

2010 Resolutions

1. Become a doctor and start a pediatric residency.
- Check

2. Finish our wedding scrapbook by our two year anniversary.
- Hides my head in shame... Maybe by our three year anniversary?

3. Spend less money on non-essentials and finally be able to start saving.
- So so. This is definitely something I still need work on.

4. Work on spending less at the grocery store.
- Again, so so. It's definitely better when I meal plan.

5. Return to my natural hair color.
- Check! Now I have to keep fighting the urge to highlight it.

6. Focus on learning more about photography. I've taken a lot of food photos this year, but I'd like some better people ones.
- So so....I'm still only taking pictures of food.

7. Continue working on my faith.
- Fail. I'll carry this on into 2011

8. Cross stitch more. I read A LOT this past year and my other hobbies really fell to the wayside.
- Yup =)

9. Run 30 minutes. I'd love to be able to get back to running, we'll see how my knee feels about this.
- I was up to about 15 minutes before residency started getting super crazy and working out took a major back seat.

This year I'm going to take on fewer resolutions.

1. Work on my faith some more.

2. Continue to grow in our marriage.

3. Cherish our new home and life together.


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