Saturday, February 21, 2009

Taken x2

So, last night I watched Taken, twice! ...and not just twice, but two times in a row. How did that go down? Literally as soon as the movie started Joe got called into work. Well he already paid for the tickets, popcorn, etc, so I felt it a waste if I left too. Joe got back to the theater just as the movie was over. I knew he really wanted to see it (especially since it was his idea to go to the movies and I really could care less). Joe bought another ticket to the later showing, I hung out in the bathroom for a while, and then went and met him in the theater again. I feel a little bad for not paying for the 2nd movie, but it was the same exact movie, so it's not like I used one stub to watch two different movies. Either way, Joe loved it. It disturbs me that the topic of the movie actually occurs, but that's a whole other discussion. If you like action movies, I'd check it out.


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