Friday, June 4, 2010

Fix It Friday - 57

I'm learning I'm becoming action dependent with my editing. As soon as I open a photo, I look through my actions to determine which I want to use. I think part of is trying to be creative. When I edit my own photos, I'm constantly using CoffeeShop's Perfect Portrait, and Pioneer Woman's define and sharpen, but rarely the more dramatic actions. I think I see these Fix It Fridays as a opportunity to use more of the dramatic ones. Or perhaps, like everything, I'm just over analyzing things.

Here's the original. Personally, I think it looks pretty darn good just straight from the camera.
Comparing the two, they look pretty darn similar. First, I let Elements decide on my auto levels. Then, I'm finding I really like using Pioneer Woman's Lovely action on babies. After running the lovely action, I used PW's Sharpen This action to bring out the footprint. Needless to say, I didn't really do anything dramatic with this photo.

Ok, I had to play a little, so here it's with Coffee Shop's Sepia action.


Susan Godfrey said...

Very nice! I agree with you, the photo was already pretty great, so this was a hard edit. I like your take on it though!

Lynda said...

Love the black and white edit.

Feris said...

I also think the photo was amazing, I really loved working with it!

Your edits are wonderful, I really loved the second one, I should have thought about doing one in sepia!

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