Saturday, June 12, 2010

Hair Cut x 2

Yesterday I was fortunate enough to have off from orientation and I knew I wanted to get my hair cut. It's nice that it's getting longer, but it's so darn hot and takes so long to do! Having just moved to the area, I needed to find a hair stylist. While searching for one, I found that there is a hair school just around the corner from me. Being a resident physician and knowing what it's like to be in a learning position, I talked myself into giving the hair school a try. Plus, it only costs $9 for a hair cut. Yeah, umm...I think my girl was afraid to cut hair off. I asked for about an inch off and long layers. I walked out with an inch off, but almost everything was the same length. I hated it. If it was the winter, it would have been fine, but it was still too thick and almost looked like a bell.

So then I drive around to find a salon with an opening...and I found a my new hairdresser =) I told the lady I just went to the hair school to get it cut and liked the length, but needed some more layers. She told me she'd just double check to make sure the back was straight. Yeah, it wasn't.

Now I don't want to dis going to the hair school, because we all have to learn, I just happened to get someone who was a little timid and still needed some practice. In the mean time, I ended up finding a new person. I just laugh that I got two hair cuts on the same day.


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