Monday, May 30, 2011

No Tolerance

It's warm. It's hot.

While I don't love the heat, I love the longer days and that I can grow fresh herbs and use the grill almost daily.

A couple of summers ago, my roommate in medical school introduced me to mojitos. Since I now have a garden, I thought I'd grow some mint this year. It was so nice going out to my herb garden tonight and grabbing the mint for my mojito. But...OMG, I have no tolerance anymore. I drank one mojito with dinner and when I stood up from the table, I was already dizzy! One mojito, not one with grilling dinner and then another eating dinner, one total! I just wanted to enjoy the taste of the drink, I wasn't expecting to get tipsy from it. I guess this is what adulthood and residency does to me.

Photo from LaLaLoosh


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