Wednesday, June 1, 2011

Farmer's Market Love

I love Farmer's Markets. I wait all winter for it finally to be warm enough for fresh produce. Sometimes I feel like I spend a little more, but I love supporting my local farmers. In Omaha there was an awesome market just 2 miles from our house. Our new town has one, but it's not as large. Eventually I'll hop on the highway and go to the larger farmer's market, but I've loved what I found already!

I've fallen in love with Keye's Creamery and the icecream! It's rich and delicous. Another thing I love, I drive past the cows every day! I've only tried one of the cheeses, but I look forward to trying more.

I've also really enjoyed my few purchases from Dear Meadow Farm thus far. The premade pulled pork is out of this world!

Every Saturday, so of the Amish come by and set up shop as well.

On the left is a tomato plant and on the right a lettuce garden I purchased from the Amish. The lettuce garden required more water than I thought it would need, but I'm slowly nursing it back to health.

I admit, it's a little frustrating when I buy a pound of strawberries at the farmers market for $4 and then see them for $2 at the grocery store, but I have to remember I'm supporting local farmers. Yay for warm weather and fresh produce!


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