Friday, June 10, 2011

Doggie Parents!

Joe's been wanting a dog for quite some time. When we lived in Nebraska, we couldn't have one in our co-op. After we bought a house I told Joe I wanted to get some things settled and wait until it was warm out before we went looking. Well, now it's summer and that meant the discussion of dog breed. Joe really wanted a puppy but I was worried about puppy mills. Joe did some research and ultimately found a breeder with whom we both felt comfortable. I'm hoping to rescue a dog one day, but for now, we'll start with a puppy :-)

Today we put a deposit on our Westie. He's only 7 weeks old right now, and we'll be able to pick him up in about 2 weeks. We haven't decided on a name yet.


Angel said...

Oh my may have just killed me with cuteness!

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