Thursday, September 15, 2011

Ramdom Ramblings on Bills

One of my stress relievers is shopping. I know of other less expensive stress relievers, but shopping seems to be my go-to. I need to stop this and get back to using working out as my stress reliever. I even need to cut back on the baking/recipes as my stress relievers. One of the realities of adulthood is paying bills. As I look at my credit card statement, I realize I just spend too much. While $100 really isn't much for a stress-relieving shopping spree, it's still more than I need to spend. While Joe and I both need new socks, I really don't need a new pair of tennis shoes (well, maybe I do). I definitely don't need the colorful cloth napkins I bought for my food photos. When I look at my credit card statement, that's when I realize how all of these small things add up. I charge almost everything so I can see what I spend and get reward points. I have a rule that I can only charge if I know I can pay off the bill at at the end of the month. I still can, but a couple of months I've had to dip into my savings to pay off that bill. This needs to stop. This means I also need to stop trying as many new recipes, probably. A lot of times I go out and buy ingredients. This is fine when I'm going to eat everything that I'm making, but I don't need to spend $10 making something, taste it, and then take the rest into work. While my coworkers might enjoy that, my budget doesn't. I know we can eat good food on a budget, and I just need to accept my meals might be a little more boring for a while (so Joe will eat it, picky man). I have a ton of books waiting to be read and several cross stitch projects I need to finish. Now I just have to fight the urge to try a delicious looking new recipe.


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