Friday, August 3, 2012

Post Partum Body Aches

People may have mentioned it, but I don't remember ever being warned about how much my body would ache after labor.  Postpartum day one, oh my goodness, I could not get over how much my back hurt and shoulders ached from pushing.  I mean it makes sense, I think I used every muscle in my body, but I wasn't expecting it.  The next couple of days, I felt my body realigning and found myself using different butt and leg muscles, making more soreness.  Our bodies are wonderful things.

Then I started breastfeeding.  Despite trying to prop her up, I still found myself slouched over.  This slouching over just continued the cycle of aching shoulders.  A couple of years ago I purchased a microwave heat neck pad from The Ferris Wheels on Etsy.  It has come in quite handy and definitely helps relieve my shoulder/neck aches.  I high recommend it, just be sure not to use it when actually holding or breastfeeding your baby so she doesn't get burned.

I tried to stay active while pregnant.  I purchased Complete Pregnancy Fitness with Erin O'Brien and I'm glad I did.  The prenatal workout can be a little strenous if you're out of shape, but ultimately very good.  Right now I'm absolutely loving, and I mean loving, the postnatal work outs.  The post natal DVD has basic stretches you can do your first day back from the hospital.  After that, the DVD has three 15 minute workouts.  The first starts with teaching your muscle groups to refire properly and then goes from there.  I've done the first two workouts and they're just the right amount of workout for being so close to delivery.  They are helping my abs and focusing on the muscle groups that have been neglected, aka some butt muscles!  I haven't started any cardio workouts yet.

So, if you're postpartum or about to be, these are two must haves, in my opinion!


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