Tuesday, August 28, 2012

Solas Caomh Blanket

What's the word in the title?  I'm not quite sure either, but it Irish for tender comfort.  While looking for nursery ideas a few months back, I came across a pattern for a beautiful crocheted blanket with Celtic knots.  Since I love all things Celtic, I knew I wanted for our little one.  For a brief second I contemplated trying to teach myself how to do the crochet work, but then I realized I had enough on my plate already.  So, I'm fortunate that my neighbor knows how to crochet and agreed to take on my request.  She noted the pattern was a challenge, but fun.  Since she was so kind to make me the blanket, I felt it only appropriate to plug her etsy store Gifts by Gwen.  She has some outfits and table runners on there.

And, in case you want to take on the project yourself, here's the pattern from interweavers.com.


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