Friday, September 21, 2012

2 Months Old!

Our baby girl turned two months old this week.  I continue to be amazed at how quickly she changes.  She is much more alert and continues to stay awake for longer periods of time.  I think one of the best things now is her smile.  She hears our voice, looks us in the eyes and gives us a huge smile.  Talk about melting my heart!

I've since returned to work and that has been a transition.  Before I went back to work, R2D2 was sleeping for approximately 5-6 hours overnight.  Since going back to work, she now wakes every 3-4 hours again.  I think she prefers to nurse rather than take the bottle as much during the day.  While I miss the longer stretches of sleep, I love our nursing sessions. I'll eventually get used to this constant state of fatigue.

At her doctor's appointment today, she weighed 9 pounds 2 ounces and was 21.6 inches.  About 5 weeks ago she was 7lb 9oz, so I'm quite happy she's gained weight.  Her current weight is only about the 5% on the WHO growth chart, so she's quite petite.  I admit, it's been tough determining exactly how much to put in her bottles for the day.  Joe says 3 ounces seems to be enough and she's not looking for more.  Some days I pump more than she eats so I've been freezing that milk.  I'm going to start putting at least another 1/2 ounce in her bottles (when I have the pumped milk).  Hopefully that will help her move up on the growth curve.  To think of it, perhaps she is nursing more overnight because she's not getting as much during the day.

Last week I packed up her newborn clothes.  Some of the 3 months outfits are still big on her, but she was getting too long for the newborn.  She still fits into newborn diapers, but she'll finish our stash today and we'll stick with the size one diapers.

I love that her eyes are still blue.  Joe and I both carry the gene for blue eyes, so I'm hoping they stay blue since they're so pretty, but we'll see.  Joe says he thinks he had blue eyes until he was about 5 years old.

One of her favorite things now a days is a bath.  She's definitely like her mom and dad in that regard.  She's taken to the vibrating chair a lot more and still loves her swing. And as this photo shows, she does get tired of me taking her picture :)


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