Tuesday, September 4, 2012

Our First Vacation

Joe was able to take a couple of days off of work, so we took a mini-vacation to the beach before I have to head back to work. It was nice to get away. However, OMG, I had to pack more stuff for R2D2 than myself and I only imagine it gets worse as they get older. We traveled to Ocean City, Maryland. In my honest opinion, I think it has become too commercialized. My mother-in-law went down with us, which was nice and she enjoyed spending time with the baby. Joe and I had our first date night. It was comforting knowing our little one was only a couple blocks away. We did a good job of not talking about her the whole time and enjoyed our steamed crabs. R2D2 was extremely fussy the next morning, which has happened each day following seafood. I'm not certain it's the seafood, but for my sanity, I'm going to avoid seafood while I'm nursing.  R2D2 is 6 weeks old.

 Left: We walked the boardwalk the first night, she loved all of the lights! 
 Right: If only Carter's had snaps on the bottom of the bathing suit.  Who wants to take the whole thing off to change a diaper?
 Mommy and Baby
I braved a bathing suit 6 weeks post-partum.  Enough said.  I successfully nursed on the beach and she still insisted on being swaddled, even on the beach.  Fortunately it wasn't too too hot and we were under the umbrella.

I wish we had a family photo, but alas, I didn't ask anyone to take it.
I tried to make a barricade of objects around her to block the sand.


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