Saturday, June 27, 2009

Back to Physical Therapy...

I've been trying to do my own PT program at home for my knee, but honestly, the exercises bore me, I'd much rather do cardio--I've never been a strength training kind of gal. Thursday I opted to bike instead of my knee exercises. OMG, I couldn't even finish my goal of 30 minutes at no resistance or incline, my knee and hip were killing me.

I've become more and more concerned about my knee pain and how I've changed my bio-mechanics to try to compensate. My left calf is smaller than my right, and now my left hip has started bothering me too. I've never had any imaging of my knee and Joe and I decided that it was time to go back to the doctor's. So, back to the orthopaedist I went... They did some x-rays of my knee and hip and fortunately they checked out OK. I took the doc off guard when we were looking at my hip x-rays and commented how much stool I had in my bowels and I must need to take a dump. I don't think he was expecting that, but I digress. I'm glad I got some x-rays. One of my biggest concerns with my increase in pain was that I had destroyed my cartilage, which doesn't appear to be the case.

The doc thinks my hip pain is related to me changing my bio-mechanics, which makes sense. Plus, my hip muscles are weak, which could be contributing to my knee misalignment and pain. Since I didn't really have time to give PT a real shot a couple of years ago, we're going to give it another go. Part of me is frustrated that I'm not disciplined enough to do the PT workout on my own at home, but now is the time to go to the therapist. I'll swallow my pride. I don't have a clinical rotation right now, so my schedule is very flexible. Hopefully after these 4 weeks of PT with an actual therapist, I'll hopefully start to see some results and keep it up on my own, plus my clinical rotations will have started again.

I admit, I'm hoping I can eventually run again, but if I even just do the elliptical pain free again, that's a start. Cheers!


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