Sunday, June 14, 2009

Kristy and Lucas Get Married!

I know this is much delayed, but such is life. Joe and I were fortunate enough to witness the "Penny Union" May 16, 2009.

Just a couple of days before the wedding the flower girl broke her leg, but that didn't stop her from being the cutest flower girl ever!

Kristy getting more beautiful!

Kristy gave each of us personalized bags filled with goodies as a gift. I adored our bouquets!

Mr. and Mrs.!!

When Joe learned he was wearing pink he wasn't too thrilled, but he admitted, "it wasn't that bad." Oh boys.

This is one of the many reasons I love this guy!

We didn't sit this way on purpose, but to the right we have the "married club," and to the left the "single club." :p

And one last shot of the happy couple. We joined them at the BWI Hilton afterwards where Joe made friends with a random band from Denmark (NOT Denver, Joe).

Unfortunately I had to fly back to Omaha the next day (darn school) but I didn't take my updo down. Lesson learned: a mass amount of bobby pins does set off the metal detector. Oops. Also, the wedding was probably a great opportunity to take some great shots with my DSLR, but that's not as easy to carry around as a bridesmaid. I definitely noticed a difference with my point and shoot and the DSLR, oh well, I'm glad I had a great time rather than playing photographer.


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