Monday, June 29, 2009

First PT Session

So today I had my first PT session and hopefully the beginning of the end of my knee pain and the rebirth of being a runner.

The therapist taught me three exercises to start working on strengthening my left hip muscles and retraining my muscles to "fire" properly. I'm discovering how weak my hips are, so let's hope this helps.

The therapist also pointed out ways to help me retrain my muscles while I do everyday activities. Basically, I have to relearn how to sit and stop favoring my left side. I always, always drive with my left knee resting against the door. Who knew that could be contributing to my misalignment? I need to make a point to keep my knee rotated inward. Also, if I'm standing on one leg, I should stand on my left leg or, better yet, stand on both legs. I do always stand on my right leg, so another adjustment. I even should be aware of how I sleep and position my legs.

Let's hope this works!


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