Wednesday, July 1, 2009

Football Cake

So here's my 2nd attempt at cake decorating. I think I made my brown icing too thin, I'm still working on proper stiffness. For the brown stars, I used the three-star tip...I liked the single star tip better because I can align the stars better, but it does hurt my hand a little from so much repetition.

This was my first time using the football shaped pan. The ends finished cooking before the middle, but that could be since I had the oven at the wrong temperature, which I discovered 1/2 way through the cook time. Now I know next time I need to read the instructions that come with the pan and not on the cake mix.

Oh! And I used another of Wilton's buttercream recipe with 1/2 c fresh butter (well just bought) and 1/2 c shortening and added the vanilla flavoring, it tasted so much better! I think the butter I used for the first cake was freezer burnt.

Joe's already tired off all of the cakes...well I think he's actually tired of me making the kitchen a mess, even though I clean up afterwards. I had to take a break tonight to get some good studying in, but I'm thinking I'll at least play with borders and flowers tomorrow.


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