Thursday, July 16, 2009

Harry Potter the Half-Blood Prince

Joe and I went to see the movie last night and it was AWESOME! I think it was my favorite movie yet. I usually re-read the books before the next movie comes out, but I didn't have a chance this time. That may have actually helped me enjoy the movie a little bit more since I didn't remember exactly what was in the book.

Joe mentioned this movie didn't have as much action and previous ones, and that was definitely true. Action or not, it was great acting. We've not only watched the HP characters grow up during the movies, but the actors themselves grow into their acting. Too me, that's pretty neat.

As a side note, I wonder how the directors feel about Harry's love interest being as tall or taller than him. I personally like how it's played out because I think more and more tall women are dating men the same height as them.

And another random thought. Each wizard's wand has the ability to kill another person with a spell. We've known that throughout. So basically--a wand can act like a gun. Is it really "right" to give seven year olds a killing weapon? (Yes, I know this is a movie and I'm thinking way too much about it.)


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