Monday, July 13, 2009

Second Attempt at Roses

Why the blue leaves? Left over icing of course! Since this cake is just for my practice I felt no need to make green icing.

Not your typical shell border, eh? I wanted to mix things up, and in the great fashion of being lazy, I made this border with the leaf tip.

Close-up of the roses. I didn't realize it, but I made my first rose with the tip facing the wrong direction, hence the thick petals. It looked funny with thinner petals next to a rose with thick petals, so I made the other roses in the same fashion. Plus, I found it slightly easier to make roses this way. I do want to learn the "proper" way though, and that requires practice, practice, practice! I also need to practice my rose buds some more. As Joe said, "what are the purple squigglies?"

For the "Lazy Daisy Cake" and icing, here are the recipes from a fellow nestie. I wasn't impressed with the cake at all. I think the best way to describe the cake is "chewy." I've never really had a chewy cake before, and I thought I might like it better the next day with a clean palate; but nope, still chewy. The chocolate icing...well that's another story. Delicious! I haven't had chocolate icing for a long time, and to Joe's disbelief, I didn't make the icing chocolate because I was mad at him (he doesn't like chocolate icing). I'll definitely be saving the recipe for the icing.

I used my new turn table for the first time to decorate this cake. It was so much easier!! Thank you Micheal's for your 50% coupon. I have to buy new 9x13 pans. Although my pans are Wilton, they're not specifically for cakes. Oddly enough, the pan's bottom was smaller than the top so when I stacked my cakes, the top layer had edges hanging over. Obviously that's not the side I photographed :p


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