Monday, October 26, 2009

Let's Talk About My Traps

My trapezius muscles, that is. Everyone carries her stress somewhere, I carry mine in my trapezius muscles, the green in the image above. As much as I try to stretch them, they are almost always tight, I mean painfully tight to the point my shoulders are contracted forward. Yesterday I had a massage and the therapist said, "So, are you a nurse or a doctor? They're usually the ones who's muscles are as jacked up as yours." Close enough--med student. Unfortunately, she's not the the only therapist who's noticed how tight my traps are, especially as compared to my other muscles. Fortunately, massage helps loosen the muscles, but here lies the problem, massages aren't cheap. This year I enrolled in Massage Envy's membership, which gives me discounted massages, but it still adds up and it'll be one of the first expenses to go. I might just have to insist on Joe learning how to give me a shoulder massage :p

And some more rambling...although my traps get painfully tight, I'm fortunate they don't cause headaches. Thank goodness for small blessings.


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