Tuesday, October 27, 2009

Saw a miracle today

For the next four weeks I'm on pediatric cardiology. One of our patients today had a heart transplant at about 1 year of age. Before her transplant, she fell sick and her heart gave out. My attending physician said he performed CPR on her for 45 minutes. I really wish you could see this kid today and how normal she is. If you saw her in the mall, you'd have no idea she has a new heart and was almost dead.

Cases like above really challenge my thoughts on what I'd want for me and my kids when the time comes. Medically, this girl probably shouldn't have survived, but she did because the attending never gave up hope. My father-in-law likely shouldn't be around either (he has nine lives, I swear), but my mother-in-law refused to turn off the life support and he's now seen 12 years since then. Sometimes too much knowledge is dangerous and I hope when the time comes, my medical training will be pushed aside and my faith will kick in.

While I am extremely happy our patient today had a transplant and is doing so well, I can't forget another kid had to die so she could have a heart. Family, I am sorry for your loss and you did a remarkable thing by donating your child's organs. Thank you.

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