Friday, April 27, 2012

Maternity Clothes

I don't know if I have any other tall pregnant people reading, but I figured I'd write about my maternity clothes experience.

I'm 5'10", have wide hips and a small waist. I have a difficult time finding regular clothes normally, it was a little of challenge maternity wise, for sure. Firstly, I like the full panel pants better than low-riding. The low-riding ones were great towards the end of 1st and beginning of 2nd trimesters. However, once I really got a belly, I noticed my crotch kept riding down. JCPenney is my usual go to for tall clothes. I did not like their maternity dress pants at all - the waist band fell right at the belly button. I did get a pair of underbelly jeans there which worked for a little.

Jeans wise, I was so happy to find that Motherhood carried long jeans in the store! They're not perfect, but they work.
When I first found out I was pregnant again, I bought some dresses from Motherhood at the outlet center. The long dresses are fine, but the short dresses are just way to short for me. I wear leggings underneath, so that works.

My favorite store for maternity clothes is definitely Gap! I wish I had a closer Gap Maternity, but ordering off line has been working.

These are my black slacks! They are $70 full price, but I think I got them on sale for about $50. It's more than the $25-30 I usually pay from JCP, but they were the only slacks I could find long enough. And let me tell you, they're long!! I also love that I can wash them and don't need to iron them afterward. Shirt wise, I absolutely, absolutely love Gap's pure body!

They are definitely more of a casual shirt, but I still wear it to work. The fabric is so soft! I was surprised I like my maternity tops to be more fitted than flowing. Being concerned about my body, I hardly ever wear fitted shirts. Ends up, I love showing my baby bump. Really, I find the fitted shirts easily show why I look more round and I think some of the non-fitting maternity tops just look like I'm trying to hide extra weight. I wish I had bought more than one pure body long sleeve shirt, but they don't have anymore online :( Another reason I love this shirt is because it has a super long torso! Excellent for this tall girl.

I'm in Boston for a conference and was super excited to find out there was a Gap maternity pretty darn close. I ending up buying this dress and a sweater today.

I may actually wear it to conference tomorrow instead of what I packed.  I love the material, the fit, and that it doesn't look like I'm wearing a mini skirt.

I've tried  Old Navy, but once I felt Gap's fabric, I couldn't go back.

So, those are my favorites! I'd love to find a jean skirt for the summer, but I don't like Motherhood's or Gap's. Of course I have more clothes I'm rotating through. I've been very fortunate to have a friend lend me some clothes and my mom does great at yard sales and thrift stores finding me clothes. Overall, definitely check out the clearance racks, but don't be afraid to splurge for a couple of things, you'll appreciate it on "fat days."

Oh, and when they say buy your pre-pregnancy size, they mean it. I bought a couple of shirts off the clearance rack a couple of years ago and they're just way too big.


Amy said...

I loved Gap maternity the best too. :)

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