Saturday, April 28, 2012

26 weeks!

Yay!  We've made it to 26 weeks.  Not that I didn't think we wouldn't, but it's always hard knowing the battle premature babies face.  So, please keep baking R2D2!

I'm in Boston right now for a pediatric conference, and lo and behold, another hotel photo.  As far as I know of, this is the last travel R2D2 and I will be doing until sometime after she's born.

I'm discovering more of the "joys" of pregnancy.  I've been having soreness and discomfort in my female parts.  I was looking up some of the things it could be, and I'm pretty darn sure I have varicose veins down there.  Sounds lovely, right?  Turns out, about 10% of women get them and most of the time they go away after delivery.  I haven't been very diligent about sleeping on my left side, so that's my goal.  I have an OB appointment this week, so of course I'll bring that up then too.


Amy said...

You look great!

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