Wednesday, January 14, 2009

Joe's So Cute with His Videogames

Having married him, of course there are several things I love about Joe, I just choose not to write about each one. This is the first whole football season where we've lived together and I've discovered a cute little thing he does. Joe loves Madden and playing videogames. Now what's so "cute" about his hobby? Each week the Ravens play whomever they're playing in real life that upcoming Sunday. So, since Saturday, he's been playing Ravens vs. Steelers every day. Last week it was Ravens vs. Titans.


Maricel said...

Hahaha! Amanda, that is soo funny! I hope we win this Sunday..if not, Tim says he'll "be heartbroken" because he doesn't want to lose to Pittsburgh for the 3rd time this season. lol! oh these boys of ours! We went to Tennessee for the game last week and had a blast. I wish we could go to Pittsburgh, but I'm not sure if we'd come back in one piece lol! Those Shitsburgh fans are brutal! I think we're going to go to BWI after the game to welcome the team back tho. GOOOO RAVENS!!!

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