Sunday, December 6, 2009

Interview Week in Review - 1

This past week marked my first full week of interviews away from my home institution. Unfortunately I can't go into much detail since the programs may stumble across my blog, but I want to share at least a little.

Miles driven: Approximately 400
Hours driving: A little less than 8
States visited: 3
Interviews: 3
Programs I absolutely loved: 1
Programs I liked and with which would totally be happy: 2

This week was my light week actually. Tonight I head to Virginia and spend 4 days in that state and end the week in DC. It's worth it though. I'm having more confidence that Joe and I will be closer to our family and friends come this summer, but we'll see.

Pediatrics residency interviews are fairly laid back compared to some other specialties. It's still a little frustrating though. During our interview day, the programs also try to sell their residency and always say, "we hope you choose us." That's the thing. Rough numbers if the program is interviewing 400 candidates for 20 spots, there's not enough room for everyone to choose your program. Hence that's where "the match" comes into play. While I really like programs, I'm trying not to fall in love or get my hopes up too much so I'm not disappointed on match day. Just because I love a program, it doesn't mean the program will love me. So I'll keep trucking and interviewing and hoping the way Joe and I rank programs will be similar to how they rank me.


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