Sunday, December 13, 2009

Interview Week in Review - 2

This week I had five interviews in a row. I would not recommend this on anyone! People say it's exhausting, and it is. Truly though, I think it was the driving that got to me.

Miles driven: Approximately 780
Hours driving: Too many...I think somewhere between 13-15
States visited: 2
Interviews: 5
Programs I absolutely loved: 1
Programs I liked and with which would totally be happy: 1.5

So my excitement of this interview week...I caught a bagel on fire! I'm a bear without breakfast, so I stopped in the hospital cafeteria to get something. I put my bagel in the conveyor belt toaster and walk to the refrigerated section to get cream cheese. Another applicant was waiting to use the toaster as well and when I walked back she calmly says, "I think your bagel is on fire." Umm...YES! There were flames and smoke coming out of the toaster! I immediately turned the toaster off and found a cafeteria worker, but the rest of the day I was known as "the girl who caught a bagel on fire."

I'll never say I have a boring life at least.

This coming week is lighter than this past one, thankfully. I originally had another 5 in a row scheduled, but by the middle of last week I realized I couldn't do that again. I now have 3 interviews left total. I'm not going to lie, I'm excited to come to the end. I'm so so glad I've been offered interviews, but it's socially exhausting. The next tough thing is going to be working on the rank list. One step at a time.


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