Thursday, August 27, 2009

Post-Op Day 1

I initially thought I'd post today in the style of a progress note we'd write on rounds, but I figured I'd spare you the medical jargon. Plus, I really don't think you care if I've been able to have a bowel movement or pass gas yet. I've felt a little dizzy and nauseous today. It's hard to say if it's my body reacting to pain or the side effects of my pain meds. They gave me Norco, which has hydrocodone and Tylenol. I'm trying to switch over to ibuprofen. It's what we give our women after c-sections, so I figure it should be enough for me too. So far so good. I just woke up from my evening nap, it's sore, but not a sharp pain or anything.

Today was my first physical therapy session after surgery. They unwrapped the dressing and worked on range of motion. I definitely can't flex my knee as much as before surgery, but the PT says I'm doing well enough for day 1. She tried to put me on the bike to get more blood flowing to my leg. My knee was definitely sore and I started to get dizzy. I have a history of fainting and I didn't want fall off the bike, so we'll try that again tomorrow.

Here's my knee day 1. It's a little swollen, but not too much. I don't really think the blue is bruising, but more of the "yes" marker. The three smaller holes are about 1/2 inch. The longer scar is about 2 inches and that's where they went in to do the lateral release. Something I find funny, both Dad and Joe made the comments, "I wonder how big your scars will be." Me, I personally don't care about scars as long as my knee's starting to feel better.

I'm still walking with a single crutch, but I think I'll be able to get rid of that in the next couple of days. I have the next two weeks off from rotations, so I'm going to go light and not try to force myself. That being said, I'm already tired of living purely on the couch.


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