Sunday, May 9, 2010

Babies with Reflux

Given that I just finished a pediatric gastro-intestinal rotation, I felt it was only appropriate to talk about reflux this week. Yes, I know I forgot last week.

Here's the bad news - reflux is a natural part of being a baby. There are many theories out there as to why, but unfortunately, some babies are just more spitty than others. More bad news, reflux tends to be the worst between 3-6 months of age. So, your 2 month baby's reflux is likely to get worse before it gets better. BUT IT WILL GET BETTER!

Here's the good news, most kids outgrow their reflux by one year of age!

I do not want to minimize the effects reflux can have on a family, however. Sometimes babies become fussy because of the reflux leaving acid in the stomach. That's when your pediatrician mAy prescribe an antacid. THIS DOES NOT STOP YOUR BABY FROM SPITTING UP. Your baby will continue to spit up, but there won't be as much acid from the reflux and hopefully that means your little one won't be as fussy. Other things you can try include the following:
  • Keep your infant upright for at least 30 minutes after meals.
  • Only put your baby in a car seat when driving in the car.
  • Burp the baby frequently.
  • Avoid tight diapers and elastic waistbands.
  • Avoid exposure to tobacco smoke.
  • Avoid overfeeding. Don’t feed the baby again after he or she spits up — wait until the next feeding.
  • Your pediatrician may advise you to thicken the formula (or pumped breast milk) with rice cereal.
  • For formula-fed infants, your pediatrician may recommend a special anti-reflux formula.
  • For formula-fed infants, your pediatrician may advise you to try a formula created to be non-allergenic (hypoallergenic) for AT LEAST two weeks.
If your baby starts throwing up bile (greenish/yellow fluid) or blood, THIS IS NOT REFLUX! These could indicate something more serious is going on, so call your doctor!

Adapted from AAP's parent website, Healthy Children. Reflux More Reflux


stephanie said...

Hey Amanda! I came to stalk your blog for recipes, but when I found this I had to comment. My son, who is 3 & adopted, has had a lot of GI issues because his birth mother started giving him cow's milk at birth & he couldn't process it. We have been seeing a pediatric GI in Lancaster for a while. I can't believe how fast he books up because he is the only one in several counties. We were there yesterday and the receptionist said he was booked through October! I guess if you are looking for job security that's the field to be in!
By the way, we're so happy that you are able to come back east!
-Stephanie Giese

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