Monday, May 3, 2010

Too. Much. Stuff.

My Dad will be getting here with his covered wagon, um I mean trailer, in about a week. While we don't need to have everything packed when he gets here, next week will be busy with graduation festivities, so I finally started tonight. I have this problem--I have too many hobbies. On top of that, when I discover a new hobby, I don't just buy the basics, I like to "accessorize." Tonight I spent about two hours packing and organizing my scrapbooking supplies and photos. The kicker--I'm about 6 years behind on all of my scrapbooks! While I'm glad it's organized, I really doubt I'll have much time to scrapbook over the next three years. I used to print out my digital photos, but since I'm so behind on my scrapbooks, I've just been saving them on my hard drive. I guess gone are the days when my adult kids find boxes of old un-filed photos--they'll have to search Facebook instead.

I don't know how much longer efficient packing is going to last. I have a bad feeling I'm going to just start throwing things in boxes oh so soon.


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