Monday, May 10, 2010

Dad's on the Road!

You thought I was joking about the covered wagon in my earlier post, didn't ya? Mom wanted to make sure we took a picture this time.

Dad and my grandmother left Baltimore this morning to make the 21 hour drive to Omaha. They'll arrive sometime on Tuesday. If my dad had his way, he'd sleep 4 hours at a rest stop, but I really doubt that's going to fly with my 70 something year old grand-mom.

Joe and I have been working on packing, but it's hard. We're still using a fair amount of our belongings, plus we're running out of room to store the packed boxes. I'm trying to do lots of baking to use up my baking supplies. Joe's not so excited about me continuing to mess up the kitchen :p

I'm excited about graduation this Saturday, but I think I'm more excited to make the move back East and start to get situated there. I'll be leaving this weekend to drive back to Baltimore and staying with my parents until I find a temporary apartment in Delaware. Joe's had a couple of job leads, but no offers yet, so please keep sending job vibes his way. Joe will stay in Omaha with an air mattress and TV until the end of May, when I'll fly back to make the drive with him.


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