Sunday, November 15, 2009


What a travel day it's been. I know it's not anybody's fault, but man, it's been a rough day.

Let's start in Omaha. My flight was scheduled to leave Omaha at 10:15. Yeah. I didn't leave Omaha until 2 pm. Our plane was coming from Denver, which had a fair amount of snow last night, so the plane had to de-ice--the first reason for a delay. Well, as the plane was in line to de-ice, they discovered a mechanical problem and the plane returned to the gate. All of the passengers switched to a new plane and finally, the plane made it to Omaha.

In the meantime, my flight from Denver to Houston was in the air without me. Customer service wasn't at the gate yet, so I called Frontier's phone customer service. I wanted to make sure they put my name down for the next flight leaving Denver to Houston. Phone customer service says only customer service in the airport can do that since I've already checked in. WHAT?!?! Umm, to me that just doesn't make any sense. Customer service wasn't at the gate yet and I wasn't about to go back past security.

By this time, the plane has arrived in Omaha and we start to board. My seat is 20D. Guess what, this is a smaller plane and there is no row 20!!! They didn't reassign our seats. No big deal, we just had open seating to expedite take off.

Three hours after scheduled arrival and 30 minutes before my new flight to Houston, I arrived in Denver. The boarding pass Frontier printed me in Omaha said my flight to Houston would be departing out of gate 42. Conveniently, this was the same gate our flight from Omaha used. I walk out and see that the gate sign says this flight is going to Phoenix. Ok, no big deal, airlines change gates all of the time. I proceed to the departure board and what does it say? My flight's cancelled!!! Now I start panicking. Joe just checked the web and told me it's still on time. What's going on? So I go back to the gate where the Omaha flight parked that currently says that plane's going to Phoenix and ask what's up. "Oh, I'm sorry miss. The departure board is wrong, as is the sign behind me. This is your gate for an on-time departure to Houston." What!?!?!? Of course it is, because that makes so much sense.

I finally make it to Houston. The hotel where I'm staying has a free shuttle from the airport. Sweet. Or so I thought. Lord only knows where the shuttle was, but I ended up waiting over 1.5 hours for the shuttle. Of course I kept calling the hotel and they kept telling me it was on it's way. I still don't know where the shuttle was, but I know I'm currently in the hotel and that's what matters. I'll take my exam tomorrow and kick butt. I'm just hoping my flight karma doesn't carry over to tomorrow's trip back to Omaha. I don't know if I can handle another 12 hour travel day.


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