Tuesday, November 3, 2009


I will preface this post by recognizing that I'm very fortunate to have my hair. It's thick, it has a nice wave when I want it, and holds curls and styles well. That being said, it's been driving me crazy this past 1.5 years. My attempt to get
back to my natural color was definitely too dark and now I have roots. They're noticeable to me but I wouldn't care if I wasn't going on residency interviews next month. I think I'd feel much more confident if I wasn't worried about my roots during my interview, so I'm going to try the temporary dye route again. This time though, I'm going to look for a color with "ash" and keep my fingers crossed my hair doesn't turn red again.

So, onto my bangs. I go back and forth on whether or not I want bangs. Depending on my rotation and how many hours I work, I'm finding I put my hair in a ponytail quite frequently. When my hair's in a ponytail, I like the bangs since I think it gives me a more polished and professional look. That being said, I'm having the darnest time maintaining them. Last time between hair cuts, I trimmed them myself and the stylist definitely noticed--I took too much off. Yesterday my bangs were driving me crazy because they kept falling in my face and blocking my sight, so I paid for a bang trim. Mind you, this wasn't my normal girl since I just want to the closest salon, but now I feel she cut too much. It was fine last night, but now after I slept I feel they're too short. Ugh. I really just wish I could find a happy medium. I pinned them back today and I might just keep trying to grow them out for a while and start over in 6 months or so. We'll see how my mood goes.


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