Wednesday, November 25, 2009

The Girl in the Pink Shirt

Yesterday was my first real interview day. I read somewhere that in general interview applicants should dress fairly conservative when interviewing for residency. E.g. black or gray suit and light/neutral colored shirt. Ideally, I would have loved to purchase a purple suit but, 1. that's not conservative enough and 2. I couldn't find any in talls. So I went with the boring black suit. I tried it on with my white shirt, and then a cream sweater, and it was just way too boring for me. With my personality, I feel I need some color and spunk. I have an array of shells and such, so yesterday I went with the pink button down. I honestly wasn't expecting to be the only one in a color shirt, but lo and behold I was. Now you may ask, "are you being too bold for interviews." I think not. At least three people commented on how they liked my pink shirt. So if the pink shirt helps me stand out and be remembered when they're doing their rank lists, I'll stick to the colors and keep the white and cream in the closet.


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