Saturday, April 24, 2010

I like to stock pile

I'm attempting homemade pitas for the first time today. I just used my last packet of yeast and immediately thought, "Better put that on the grocery list." The fact of the matter, I don't use yeast all that often, but I like having it on hand for spur of the moment baking like this morning. The other fact of the matter, we're moving in three weeks! I really need to adjust my stock-piling attitude or we'll be moving cross country will way too many kitchen goods.

I have two cans of pumpkin in the cupboard. I probably should use them up so we don't have to move them, but I'm worried about another pumpkin shortage. What if I want to make something this fall and I can't find any in the stores? Yes, I've become obsessed with cooking and thinking way too far ahead. I probably should just use them up.

Here's to trying to empty our pantry!


Megan said...

My husband went on a cupboard/freezer emptying marathon when we moved because I didn't want to move anything (esp. if it was open) and he refused to throw anything out. Needless to say he ate some interrrresting meals there for a while.

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