Sunday, April 18, 2010

Pregnancy Dream?

Hubsters and I both know we want children, but right now isn't really the ideal time to stop preventing. However, it still seems I have babies on the brain. Heck, two of my best friends are due in the next two months, I can't help it.

Well, two nights ago I dreamed that Joe and I were pregnant. In the dream we didn't really know we were pregnant, we just kind of showed up at the hospital with me in labor and a bump that grew overnight. So, we go into labor, do the normal things, and what do I deliver?!? A SHITZU! Yes, I gave birth to a dog! Needless to say, my dreams are hardly ever boring.

So, maybe this is a sign it's time for a dog, or that I've been worrying about my parents' dog.


etta said...

There are so many pregnant women at work right now [a dozen or so], which makes me have these dreams every week or two.

Chic Fit Geek said...

That is absolutely hilarious! I'd say you're more worried about your parents dog than getting one yourself.
There is an abundance of pregnant women downtown where I work. I walk for lunch and can see a hand-full or two walking around.
People were busy over the winter ;)

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